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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 18, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EST

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clearing the air. president obama arrives it at the u.n. climate summit for a last push to try to reach a deal on emissionses cuts. closing a loophole. the pentagon investigates cyber attacks on u.s. drone aircraft. use and a father's fight. the five year international custody battle over sean goldman is not over yet. >> i am sean's only parent and it is our right to be together. >> this is the cbs morning news it is our right to be together. >> this is the cbs morning news for friday, december 18th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. president obama arrived in copenhagen this morning for the final day of the u.n. climate summit. he's expected to sign a political agreement to battle climate change, but following two years of contentious debate, it appears an agreement on
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cutting carbon emissions may have gone up in smoke. charlie d'agata is in copenhagen with the details. >> reporter: good morning. 192 countries, two years in the making, two weeks of tough negotiations, including walkouts, and it all comes down to the next few hours before this summit winds up. president obama arrived in copenhagen to make a final push to help save the plan et. but the talks are in trouble. world leaders workeded in to the early hours to hammer out a draft. it calls for a 3.6 glee cap on global temperatures and $100 billion fund to help poor nations. but there's still no deal on carbon emissions cuts. >> leaders are coming here i hope not just to make statements. leaders should lead. time is running out. >> reporter: the most crucial meeting of the day is president obama's one-on-one with the chinese delegation. the president is trying to persuade china to allow outside inspectors to monitor their carbon emissions.
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president obama is also under pressure to make big emissions cuts in the united states. but the president says he won't sign any agreement here that americans won't accept back home. protestors are getting impatient. they even tried to gate crash a dinner with the danish queen. >> they had an urgent message to send that politicians talk, leaders act. >> reporter: many blame the united states for being the biggest part of the pollution problem and now rely on america to be the biggest part of the solution. apparently we're have something audio problems with charlie d'agata, but, charlie, thank you for that report. it's been reported this morning that the u.s. and russia completed work on an outline for a new nuclear arms reduction treaty p the proposed deal would replace the 1991 strategic arms
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reduction treaty. that was the biggest cut in nuclear weapons to date. president obama and russia president dedmitry medvedev are expected to discuss them today. robert gates has called for an investigation into reports that insurgents intercepted live video feeds from unmanned u.s. aircraft in iraq. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the hackers took advantage of an unprotected communications link. officials say the system is being upgraded. hacked information from u.s. predator drones called no significant military damage. that's the word this morning from the top u.s. military commander who insists the latest incidents have been taken care of. but the pentagon still plans to investigate how insurgents in iraq and afghanistan tapped in to live video feeds from the drones. u.s. officials say insurgents used simple computer software to watch the images but were not
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able to control the drones. still, the new xs opposed a major breach in security. >> eight plus years after 9/11, we're still under estimating this terrorist enemy. >> reporter: predator drones are a key tool for the military used to track down and take out terrorists. video feeds provide critical information about what or whom the u.s. may be targeting. officials have known with tabou b. the proper be for more than a decade. drones have only recently become the weapon of choice in iraq and afghanistan and the military didn't think the enemies would be able to exploit the security lapse. but in december 2008, the military captured a shiite militant in iraq who had drone feeds stored on his laptop. and this past july, they found pirated feeds on other militant computers. >> the capabilities are readily available anywhere in the world. you don't have to be a technical genius to do this type of thing. >> reporter: the defense department is now working to make sure the military's eyes in
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the skies are for its eyes only. but one defense official admits encrypting all drone feeds could take a very long time. and the military says the lapse that caused recent drone incidents has now been fixed. michelle, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington. thanks. david goldman won't be reunited with his son today as he had hoped. yesterday the brazilian supreme court overturned a lower court's ruling that returned sean goldman to his father. the 9-year-old will stay with his brazilian accept father until at least february. the court will decide if sean gets to tell his side of the international custody battle. >> a 9-year-old, innocent, vulnerable, psychologically damaged child to speak in a court is beyond cruel. and i hope this stops soon and i hope my son will be saved to come home to his family. >> it was five years ago that goldman's wife took their son to
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brazil. they divorced. she remarried. and then died last year. also overseas, the infamous sign over the main gate at the auschwitz concentration and extermination camp in poland was stole p this morning. prisoners passed under the sign which read work sets you free. more than a million people were killed in auschwitz's gas claim pers. police are searching for the sign and say they have no suspects about. on the cbs "moneywatch," shares in asia continued to slip morning and emily smith is here in new york with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets retreated today over a weak job figures in the u.s. japan's nikkei skroped 0.2%. on wall street, it is appointing corporate news put investors in a selling mood on thursday while the dow sank nearly 13 # point, the nasdaq slid almost 27. wen bernanke is one step close ter keeping his job. the at some banking committee voted 16-7 to give bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. the full senate votes on his confirmation next month.
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a fed chief faces on that spgs from lawmakers who blame him if not spotting the problems that led to the financial crisis. if you're holding out for massive clearance sales as we get closer to the holiday, you may be disappointed. many stores can d. a better job this year of matching supply with demands, so they're not as desperate to offer huge diskoptss to move merchandise off their shelves. and last minute shopper, you've got lots of company. a new consumer report saur say shows nearly 1/3 are still procrastinating. men have the most catching up to do. more than half still haven't started their shopping. and pepsi won't be going to the super bowl this year. the company's been a fixture occurring the big game's commercial lineup since 1987. this year the bench giant is bowing out. pepsi says instead of using marketing dollars into one night of commercial, it's putting his money into a new ad campaign targeted mostly to the enter thet. fedex will also be a no show on february 7th when the super bowl airs on krbls. michelle? >> that is big news in the
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advertising landscape. >> yes. >> amazing. big changes. all right. emily smith here in new york. thanks for that report. and just ahead on the "morning news," the backlash against the president in the battle over health care reform. plus, an explosive find. scientists stumble upon a deep sea volcano. first katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." a new report on the striking rise in autism cases among children. we'll break down the numbers and look at what's behind the increase tonight on the "cbs evening news." ...and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking - is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. (announcer) chantix is a non-nicotine pill. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill.
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another baby's death has been attributed to the sim police itity drop side crib. more than 2 million of the cribs have been called. the death toll was pour when the recalls began four years ago, but that has since jumped to 111. there's a problem with broken parts that can lead to suffocation.consumer agency says parts should stop using the simplicity crib immediately. starting monday, senate majority leader harry reid has vowed round the clock sessions in the senate to complete the health care bill by christmas. the legislation is at least one vote short of the 60 needed for passage. senator ben nelson rejected a compromise on abortion funding just yesterday. the health care bill in its current form does not contain a public option and that has angered liberal supporters. some complain the proposed legislation indicators too much to the insurance industry. nancy cordes reports. >> reporter: the president's refusal to go to bat for the public option has sparked an uproar among the liberal activists who went to bat if
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him. bill kill the bill is becoming a common refrain on some of the nation's most influential liberal websites. >> i can understand absolutely why they are frustrated. there are many aspects of had this bill which are simply not good and some can argue absolutely correctly that this is going to be a giveaway to the insurance companies and the drug companies. >> reporter: a full 80% of democrats support a government-run public insurance option. but it's been dropped from the senate health care bill along with several other liberal priorities. concessions to a small group of senate moderates. on the president's official facebook page, democrats let him have it. you need to get off the side lips and start pushing for what you promised, writes andre pflt i truly believe fld thissed a mip strarkss, laments barbara. and melanie warns if this white house doesn't change, i won't vote for you again sglp if the enthusiasm gap that we see now remains in place, republicans could take over the house. and that would be the worst news possible for the white house. >> reporter: the anger over
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health care has emboldened congressional democrats to challenge the president on other issues. like afghanistan. >> end the war now. >> reporter: and it isn't just staunch liberals. it's the president's closest allies, too. like congressman john conniers who says mr. obama, quote, screwed up on health care reform and began tan mow. that comment infewer yated the white house which says it is simply dealing with the really difference the political landscape. >> i think they're strug tloink get 60 votes in the senate. it's not easy. it's a system that gives virtually every one of the democratic and independent senators a veto power so the white house is struggling to try to get the job done. >> reporter: but health care reform may turn out to be the boiling point for the president's base which was already simmering over what some saw as his broken promises on gay rights organization domestic surveillance and on wall street reform. nancy cordes, cbs new, capitol hill. straight ahead, your friday morning weather.
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national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows an intense storm swirling, thick clouds over the southeast where it's pouring. it's cloudy but dry across much of the midwest and it's a clear morning from the plains to the southwest coast. now later today, the main focus will be on a massive storm in the southeast. it will dump two to four inches of rain over much of the region. the same storm will begin to spread heavy snow over the southern appa lash shans and there's a potential for a major snowstorm tomorrow for the mid-atlantic states and tomorrow night for the northeast. in sports, the indianapolis colts are the third nfl team ever to start a season 14-0. facing the jaguars in jacksonville, peyton manning was almost perfect completing 23 of 30 passes including four touchdowns. the japg jags had a chance to in the end, but the pass intercept intercepted. the dream season is still alive for the can't lose colts. indy 35, jacksonville 31.
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in other nfl news, the h1n1 flu bug has hit the rams. they canceled practice yesterday after confirming a handful of cases among the players. a spokesman says that the practice will resume today. in nba action, miami's dwyane wade scored 25 appointments and michael beasley chipped in with 22. nothing goes right for orlando and the heat cruise to an easy whip. miami 104, magic 86. and to chicago where the bulls almost needed their mascot against the knicks. but after falling behind in the first half, chicago came storming back. damages scored 24 points, sal mondays added 20nd at bulls rallied to beat new york 98-89. when we return, i'll take another look at this morning's top stories. and a reason to smile. a florida man walks free after 35 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. made just for men, maybe one of the most important is centrum ultra men's.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. heavy rain will swamp the southeast. snow will develop over the southern appalachians and become heavy by evening. and there's a potential snowstorm, a major one, for the northeast on saturday night. here's another look at this morning's top stories. president obama is in copenhagen this morning for the final day of the u.n. summit on climate talks. world leaders are trying to agree on a deal to curb emissions of carbon dioxide. and defense secretary robert gates has called for an investigation in to the reports that insurgents hacked into u.s. drone aircraft. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says that the cyber attack caused no military damage. a new study finds the death penalty is fading from use in american justice system. 106 death sentences were imposed this year, down from an average of 295 per year during the 1990s. the drop in death sentences
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appears to reflect a fear that innocent people may be executed. and in a related story, an independent man went free yesterday in florida. james bain spent 35 years in prison, the longest on record for a man who was eventually found not guilty. he had been charged with kidnapping and raping a boy and sent to jail in 1974. jim axelrod has the story. >> reporter: 54-year-old james bain's t-shirt said it all as he walked out of a courthouse in friday, freed by a judge just moments before after 35 years in prison. >> i now sign the order, sir. you are a free man. congratulations. >> reporter: bain had been convicted of kidnapping and raping a 9-year-old boy. he was freed by modern technology. dna evidence that proved he couldn't have done it. >> i mow from the moment they took the test on me it's going to do one of the two, lock me or free me. >> reporter: james bain becomes the 248th inmate freed nationwide by dna evidence.
4:52 am
>> it's not a sign that the system worked. that's a sign that the system is in many ways broken and absolutely has to be remedied. >> reporter: bain had been convicted solely on the eyewitness testimony of the young 1rik tim who dwrens lawyers said was steered by police to pick bap oig out of a lineup. >> the james bain case tells us that we better get serious about eyewitness identification reform. it's the single greatest cause of the conviction of the independent. >> reporter: florida law grants former inmates found innocent $50,000 for each year they spent in prison. that means james bain is entitled to $1.75 million. >> i can't even imagine that type of money right now. my family is the only thing i can imagine at this moment. >> reporter: the first thing did he as a free man was call his mother using a cell@ hone for the very first time. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. this morning on "the early show," live updates from copy
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m copenhagen on the climate conference. i'm michelle gielan and this is the "cbs morning news." (announcer) if you want directions to the stadium, push here. if you want to see the weather ahead, push here. if you want to access 10 gigs of music you just downloaded to your hard drive, push here. and if you want to pull away from it all, you can push here. the all-new-40-gig hard drive nav and entertainment system on the 2010 lacrosse. from buick. it's the new class of world class.
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this is wjz and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz's news team, your first warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday a nice clear start. not going to stick around? >> it's cloudy in the area. a bunch of folks have got a ton they need to accomplish today


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